Thursday, March 27, 2008

1934 Art Deco Peugeot Custom Built by Parisian Dentist

There are many examples of over-the-top French art deco automobile design, but this is a particularly stunning streamline example. As there was a fluidity of ideas between 1950's American cars and Googie architecture, there was seemingly no differentiation between decorating an apartment, designing an armchair or crafting a luxury automobile in 1930's Paris. All design was united by the graceful elegance of the art deco movement.
In 1934, using a Peugeot 301 chassis, Parisian dentist Georges Paulin had designed and patented a retractable hard top, the first such fully-retractable, automatic system. Paulin, whose business was crowns and fillings but whose passion was automobiles, did the first one for coachbuilder Marcel Pourtout. Peugeot considered its hydro-mechanical retracting mechanism too complicated, and declined to become involved, so Paulin and Pourtout bought a number of bare chassis and began producing them. The car was extremely well received...