Monday, March 03, 2008

D+R Garage Sale Report - March 1, 2008

The difference between a terrific day of garage saling and a pointless effort of lackluster disappointment can be reduced to the presence of a single solid sale. Hopefully, you will find a sale run by an engaged, interested individual with skills and obsessions that are not unlike your own.

Not until Sunday did I realize that the best Saturday stop was an estate sale. Although it was not advertised as such, in retrospect, all evidence points to estate sale. The folks helping out didn't really knew what they were selling and were seeing many of the things for the first time. The Chinese socket sets were the same price as the Snap-on. In the fury of gathering my purchases, I didn't grasp the nuanced interactions of the principles. Upon reflection, I was able to piece together the bittersweet story of the biker buddies helping the widow sell off the contents of the garage.

Since I don't work in a commercial shop where tools tend to walk away, I have never engraved my tools. Of course, since I buy tools used, many of my wrenches and ratchets have been engraved with the names of the previous owners. It doesn't dissuade from purchase and I like to think about the individuals who built their world with the same hammer that I now build mine.

While I was cleaning the bitchin Santa Cruz skateboard seen above, I discovered that the engraved name matched that on the tools I bought from the same sale. The circa 1980 skateboard dates from the same era when I was skateboarding, while the tools and supplies I bought are exactly the sorts of things I use now. The previous owner and I were close in age, had the same skateboarding tastes in 1980 and very similar interests at the time of his death. I bought Keith's Valentine radar detector, a half can of PB Rust Buster, a tube of heat sink compound, a Wavetec multimeter, a can of Marvel Mystery Oil, 2 boxes of 12 gauge shotgun slugs, an assortment of brushes for cleaning mag wheels, a Weller soldering iron, a dagger bought from a comic book ad, a Rigid PVC cutter, a couple of metal bumping hammers, a Mac screwdriver and a darling SK/Wayne 1/4" set with a mixed brand collection of SK, Blackhawk and Snap-on ratchets, sockets and extensions.

It was not dissimilar from shopping at my own estate sale. These deep sea suburb explorations are not always a lighthearted romp.