Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Garage Sale Find: Wooden Puzzle

Found last week at a Burbank garage sale, I have been mildly obsessed with the quality of illustration on this puzzle. I have scrutinized each piece and can declare the boot, the red chair and the magpie to be my favorites. If I had 15 t-shirts, each emblazoned with a different puzzle image, I would be very content to wear different one each day and embrace a biweekly laundry schedule.

The puzzle pieces make up a sweet little utopia. Each morning, awake to check your CLOCK and crawl out of bed with your TEDDY BEAR and DOLL. While still in pajamas, pull on your RED BOOTS and wander to the breakfast nook of your charming COTTAGE as the CAT scurries across your path. Before settling into your RED CHAIR, collect the breakfast eggs from your CHICKEN and give your DUCK a sweet pat on the head. On your way back to the house, check the MAGPIE'S nest in the PINE TREE to see if any new shiny objects have appeared since last inspection. Return to the kitchen with your DOG to fill the BLUE PITCHER with juice and bring the COFFEE POT to the table. Consider, briefly, buying a SAILBOAT and just as quickly reject the idea as being too much work.

I like the idea of these images as shirts so much. Any illustrators out there willing and able to mimic this style for t-shirts? Email us! Paying gig!