Monday, March 24, 2008

Garage Sale Report March 22, 2008

Though holiday weekends are usually lackluster for garage sales, this weekend proved the bold exception as I was able to unearth some exquisite stuff. Nothing valuable, no big tool haul, no fleet of bicycles, just a wonderful sunny day of quiet treasures.

Some highlights:

Little Folks Croquet Set - Though I already own a croquet set or two, this little charmer was too much to resist. A rainy day in the parlor could not be sweeter than spent eating brownies and engaging in a mean little game of croquet.

Trim Line - Looks like a chunk of wood but the Trim Line is an ingenious device that adds a square work surface for desktop drafting, as well as pencil storage. Only after love and time, space is the greatest gift. The fellow I bought this from told me that when he was a child, his father owned a form printing business. He would sit at his father's side late at night to watch him mock-up forms for client approval.

Rocks - Coco's Variety is planning to engage in a new business line - We Tumble 4 Ya. Customers will bring in stones and we will tumble them in our corporate bank of rock tumblers. This bag of partially tumbled stones will be a wonderful inventory for those clients who do not have rocks of their own.

Turntable - We sell non-collectible, serviceable record players at Coco's.

Rocks and Minerals of California - Although I am not a book collector, I will buy any books about California ghost towns, jeep trails, rock hounding or the Mojave desert.