Friday, March 14, 2008

Mixed Tape Friday Night! Heavy Metal with Hugh M. Hefner!

Did Hugh M. Hefner actually create this mixed tape for a 1985 heavy metal barf bag birthday party? Does the "Hefster" signature inspire enough confidence to proclaim museum grade provenance? It is up to you, the listener, to decide for yourself.

Even without the Playboy Mansion seal of approval, this is a superb mixed tape with all sorts of goofy additions. If you can endure Iron Maiden, the beginning of side two is a real rib tickler. And if you have never heard Warrior or Madam X, you are in for a treat.


Madam X - Most Outrageous Hair Band Cover EVER?
Is that Cher?

Side 1
For Those About to Rock, We Salute You - AC/DC
Nugent Interlude - Ted suggests that those who want to be mellow get the fuck outta here - Ted Nugent
Motorhead - Motorhead
Heavy Duty - Judas Priest
Aces High - Iron Maiden
Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) - Def Leppard
Screaming in the Night - Krokus
You Can't Stop Rock and Roll - Twisted " Fuckin' " Sister

Side 2
Burt Bacharach (?) Excerpt
Killed by Death - Motorhead
Behind the Wall of Sleep - Black Sabbath
Blackout - Scorpions
Fighting for the Earth - Warrior
Metal in My Veins - Madam X
Breakin' the Law - Judas Priest

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