Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mixed Tape Friday Night! Reflexiuns of Labor! Industrial Melt Down! (Belated)

Miss Suzie Wong, you are a lucky girl to have Camille make a tape for you! It certainly doesn't seem like you would want her as an enemy as she appears to be quite kick ass.

I have never claimed expert knowledge of 80's and 90's music, but I was a pretty astute listener during that era. Mixed Tape Friday Night has proved to me that I barely scratched the surface because every tape has killer tracks I have never heard before. If I were to pick one off this tape, it would have to be Death Method's "White Rabbit", a classic teenage freak out psychedelic scary song that makes Marilyn Manson sound like a breakfast cereal commercial.


Side 1
Front Line Assembly - Force Fed
Beastie Boys - No Sleep Til Brooklyn
Swamp Terrorists - Green Blood
Birthday Party - Blast Off
Cyberaktif - Temper
Dead Kennedys - Terminal Preppie
Front 242 - DSM 02
Death Method - White Rabbit
Hilt - Real Cool Rain
Revolting Cocks - Big Sexy Land
Thrill Kill Kult - Do You Fear?
Emission O1 - Deep Throat

Side 2
Insekt - In The Eye
Swamp Terrorists - Hidden
Skinny Puppy - God's Gift Maggot
Leatherstrap - I am Your Conscience
Hunger - Shoot to Kill
Controlled Bleeding - Auto Grind
Insurgent - No Time Trespassing
Schnitt Acht - Random Funk
Skreen - Sympathy for the Devil
Swamp Terrorists - Truth or Dare
Nitzer Ebb - Control

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Every Friday night, Dinosaurs and Robots will upload a dusty cassette mixed tape! Found at garage sales and junkyard glove boxes, mixed tapes provide all the voyeuristic thrills of reading somebody’s diary without the related ethical quandaries.

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