Monday, March 03, 2008

Mystery Tool Monday: Peculiar Little Clamps

Each Monday, D+R will present a new mystery tool for identification. It may be from our collection or may be an item that has puzzled a D+R reader, but whatever the case, it's use will be as thrilling a mystery like a dimestore Mickey Spillane paperback.

With no markings to assist with identification, I can state that I have no idea what these tools are for. A reasonable person might ask, 'Why buy a tool if you have no idea what it is used for?'

Well, it was cheap and I can almost see a purpose, like holding stubs of welding rod or gripping a nail to prevent thumb hammering. Sometimes tools like this are hugely handy as a basis of making a new custom tool for some very specific and persnickety task. Besides, I don't need an excuse to buy a mystery tool as the mystery alone is enough to warrant purchase!

What is it?