Monday, March 10, 2008

Mystery Tool Monday: Standard Gage

Marked: Standard Gage Co, Inc. Poughkeepsie, NY Pat. 1883446

With the advent of Google patent search, the identification of mystery tools has become much easier. However, in this case, the patent only extends to the inclusion of the novel finger grip.

What is it?

About Mystery Tool Monday
Each Monday, D+R will present a new mystery tool for identification. It may be from our collection or may be an item that has puzzled a D+R reader but, whatever the case, its mysterious use will be as thrilling as a Mickey Spillane dimestore paperback.

Last Monday's Mystery Tool - Link
These peculiar clamps remain a peculiar mystery.

Mai offered:
Reverse clamps - to hold something open whose tendency would be to close? Hard to tell which is the business end. The curved end might be used to seat trim or connect piping to the edge of plastic or cloth.
Hold seat trim or piping to cloth? Plausible. I do believe the tight curved end is indeed, as Mai suggests, the business end as the other side works so favorably as handles to open and close. Any other ideas?

Disclaimer: Monday was a busy day, so I neglected to post a mystery tool. I have post dated this post to Monday 11:59PM as Mystery Tool Tuesday does not have the same alliterative pizazz.