Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mystery Tool of March 17 - IDENTIFIED

The mystery of March 17th has been solved! Last week's mystery tool is a Roper Whitney hand seamer used for crimping and seaming copper roofing sheets. The relative malleability of copper explains the lackluster clamping strength.

Thanks Sam and Jeff! Well done!
Roper Hand Seamer - Link

Interesting site about construction of copper roofs - Link
Includes detail on a particularly sinister looking self-propelled seamer that makes my comparatively puny hand held version look like an instrument better suited for a tea party.

March 3rd Mystery Tool Link - Still Unknown

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Each Monday, D+R will present a new mystery tool for identification. It may be from our collection or may be an item that has puzzled a D+R reader but, whatever the case, discovering its mysterious use will be as thrilling as a Mickey Spillane dimestore paperback.

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