Friday, March 28, 2008

Vintage Euro Car Chases

If you love cars and car chases, you must see this amazing Italian police movie. It's the story of Marco Palma (Maurizio Merli), a cop yearning to become the best driver of the Police. Finally he succeeds to defeat his rival, the chief of a gang of bank robbers.

It's a real treat to watch these 1960's and 70's Alfas, BMWs, Citroens, Fiats, Porsches, etc. being driven hard through the Italian streets.

Some robbers, after a bank robbery, to confound the cops escape on two identical Citroen DS. An Alfa Romeo Giulia (driven by Maurizio Merli, this time without moustaches) chases one of the cars, while some Alfa Romeo Giulia of the Police chase the second Citroen.

Link to Bank Robber Citroen scene.