Thursday, April 24, 2008

1953 Alfa Romeo 1900C Superleggera

If you are unmoved by this automobile, then something happened to you on the way to the market. Maybe you fell down an open manhole or were zapped by alien rays and your sense of grandeur was eliminated. Handcrafted from aluminum, this Alfa Romeo delivers.

You will note that there are no seams where the fenders are attached, as the whole car resolves perfectly. Gaps are present only to allow a hood, trunk or door to open. No production car company today could develop something this refined at any cost.

It is possible to imagine a car designer being able to design a grill opening this beautiful. The more amazing aspect is the communication between the craftsman and the designer. Did the metal worker who hammered this sheet of aluminum on an anvil and tree stump faithfully recreate what the designer envisioned? Did he stray a bit and improvise to allow the body to flow? It is impossible to see a car like this and not think about the hammer.