Monday, April 14, 2008

D+R Collections: A Flickr Group for Crackpot Collections

Now matter how compelling an individual object, a grouping of like items is inherently more interesting. Dinosaurs and Robots is extremely keen to see your crackpot collections. Whether you hoard types of rye whiskey, photographs of kittens, colors of Converse high tops, types of barbed wire, or bottle caps from defunct soda pop, we want to see it!

I kicked off our new Flickr group, DinosaursRobotsCollections, with my collection of cheap, endearing, Made in Japan, slightly creepy pottery. Though not vast, it is a carefully curated selection that I have assembled over the last 20 years. Not just any piece of crap import tea pot gets in my collection! I am selective about my crap tea pots!

Create a set in your Flickr account and then add the photos to the D+R Collections group.