Wednesday, April 16, 2008

D+R Collections: Mister Jalopy's Canned Tomatoes

While looking over the canned tomato selections at Los Angeles' finest Italian deli, I realized that, for about $20, I could buy a dream selection of imported San Marzanos and be able to engage in a serious taste test. From the celebration of the harvest to pornographically plump tomatoes, the illustrations on each can have their own unique appeal. I will try to make a big pot of sauce this week and report back on the deliciousness of each can.

Now, rather than ignoring the issue of best Italian deli in Los Angeles, let me address that one head on. Monte Carlo is a very solid deli. The shredded mozzarella is creamy, the sausage is homemade, the parm is grated to order, the cutlets are beautiful, the bocce ball sets are imported, staples like red pepper flakes come in huge and economical containers and the sopressata is without equal. There are weak spots, however. The attached restaurant is not great and the baked goods are uninspired, but Monte Carlo is still my favorite deli in Los Angeles.

You prefer Santa Monica's Bay Cities Deli? Or Mario's in Glendale? Eastside Market? Well, you are not wrong, but neither am I. An individual's deli choice is a very personal decision that can not be explained through empirical data. Monte Carlo treats me tenderly and will graciously comment on my refined palate as I select items for a big feast. It doesn't get better than that.

Link to Monte Carlo Deli