Sunday, April 13, 2008

D+R Garage Sale Report - April 12, 2008

With two bikes destined for Coco's and an old Raleigh Sprite for the Mister Jalopy Stable of Modest Bicycles, it was a pretty fruitful day of garage saling. Summer has definitely arrived.

In addition to the bikes, I purchased what may be the saddest Boston Terrier to ever grace an embroidered iron-on patch. The poor bastard looks so disgruntled, one must assume that his adjustable mortgage loan just reset from the teaser rate. No lost bone, no matter how magnificent in stature, could justify that sour puss.

More on the Raleigh later, but do you think that leather Brooks saddle is salvageable? Or will it crack in two at first pedal?

Exquisite Leather Bicycling Saddles