Friday, April 25, 2008

Fantastic Review of Nest Magazine - "A Strange and Offensive Blend of Art, Design and Porn"

Besides being the best interiors magazine ever, the now defunct Nest altered how I interact with the world. Joseph Holtzman's passions changed how I think about art - it's less about masterpieces, more about individuals who have figured something out and are able to present it in a profound way.

I could prattle on and on about the impact of constructed environments, the designer as disruptor, and the nests that people make for themselves, but it would not compare to the fantastic review of Nest by serial Epinions reviewer, modernmarvel.
I am not sure what Nest is supposed to be other than a bohemian sort of cutting edge art magazine. It is purposefully offensive in so many diverse ways it is sure to make you toss down the magazine in disgust several times. However, if you can move past the offensive content, Nest is probably the most artistic magazine I have ever read.
I can't resist one more quote:
Actress Amy Sedaris is featured, along with the interior of her home filled with antiques, collectibles and junk. Interestingly, Todd Oldham designed a piece for her home. Amy is featured wearing a bra and panties that look like they came from K*Mart in a less than flattering pose (I guess that is what makes it art and not porn).
Amy! Don't listen to that prude. You are art and porn, baby!

Anybody out there know Joseph Holtzman or Carl Skoggard? Please direct them to D+R as we can think of no better guest bloggers.

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