Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Garage Sale Report March 29, 2008

The toolbox illustrates the sort of sickness I have. I can never say no to a copper skillet (no matter how small), a Fireking Azurite bowl (no matter the flaws), figural Mexican salt and pepper shakers (no matter how chipped), a pattern wheel (no matter how many already owned), a novelty donkey (no matter how bug-eyed) or a wood handled screwdriver (no matter how rusty.)

Sure, it is awfully difficult to find Rookwood or Roseville pottery at garage sales in this hyper-Googlized world of everybody knowing everything but there is still plenty of Frankoma out there! When I started garage saling, I was enchanted by the clunky, vividly colored Fiesta and Bauer but my tastes have mellowed and now I prefer the more organic feel of Frankoma. With its mottled, irregular glazes, the Frankoma has an almost Japanese look that resonates with me.

Always wanted the exterminator without having to steal one for myself. Let's see if I can keep from getting sued!