Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hydronut Coconut and Bamboo Growing System

Ted Taylor of Melbourne, FL says:
I have built a growing system made only of bamboo and coconuts. It's fertilized with worm casting tea and is recycled. I did this for the people on some of the smaller islands in Fiji. They use the slash and burn way of growing food and are running out of land. My 2nd system is completely made of bamboo and coconuts, whereas the first model had a solar panel running a pump.

I grew lettuce, strawberries and super tiny banana plants - they get 18" high and make a nice bunch of bananas. The growing media in the coconuts is ground coconut husks mixed with worm castings and is better than peat moss in holding water. Coconut water is also a natural root stimulator. I hope to go to Fiji again this summer to build a large Hydro-Nut 2 for a village there near Savusavu.

I vote that we ditch steampunk in favor of cocpunk. Link