Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ingenuous Loft Bed for Kids

Furniture for Children "Rappelkiste" - Luigi Colani, 1975

With only a cursory look, this could be contemporary Ikea/flatpack style furniture except that it is a smidgen too understated and refined. Look again and you realize it is made of hardwood and the joints are held with wooden pegs.

This is begging to be ripped off at all levels. A high end version cut from CNC multicolor polycarbonate with LCD panels and hidden speakers. A low rent sustainable model that has been scaled up, sized for adults and assembled from fruit crates and shipping pallets. Or what about a slice of a shipping container with a birch plywood interior?

If only there were more hours, it would be a fun project to be "inspired" by - part Andrea Zittel, part Luigi Colani, part Because We Can.