Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is the Westinghouse Atom Smasher for sale?

From waymarking.com

Three years before nuclear fisson was thought to be a possible power source, Westinghouse decided to build the first commercial atom smasher. Based on the faith there would be a marketable discovery, this magnificent 5 million volt Van de Graff generator was built in Pittsburgh in 1936. The bulb, proudly emblazoned with the Westinghouse logo, is a 5 million volt generator which shot high energy particles 47 feet down the vacuum tube to bombard a target.

N 40° 24.628 W 079° 50.544

If you look up the location of the Westinghouse atom smasher, there appears to be a for sale sign out front. NAI commercial real estate site states that McBubbles Car Wash is available for purchase, but there is no mention of the atom smasher.

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Side note, as everything is so goddamn fascinating in this crazy bingbong world, the Westinghouse logo is the work of design god Paul Rand. Not familiar with his work? Oh, yes you are. Link