Friday, April 18, 2008

Mixed Tape Friday Night! House Sensations! 1990-style House Beat Mixing!

As far as I am concerned, I just don't hear enough of the Italian house act Blackbox! Summer of 1990, we were powerless against its charms! Now, a zillion years later, it has aged better than most of the house music of the era - including many of the tracks on this cassette. As I am learning with my foray into mixed tapes, nobody's taste was without faults and for every track by Orbital, there is a track like "Let's Get Jazzy" by Flight. Ah, the test of time.

1. If You Love Somebody (Blow Monkey) [sic]
2. In The Mix (Fast Eddie)
3. Come Into My House (Queen Latifah)
4. Let's Go (Fast Eddie)
5. Move (Slam Slam)
6. Elements of Vogue (David Iam)
7. Everybody (Black Box)
8. Express Yourself (Tony Carrasco)
9. The Warning (Logic)
10. Rich in Paradise (FPI)

11. Away (Smooth)
12. Devotion (Ten City)
13. The Lover That Rocks You (India)
14. Pump That Body (Mr. Lee)
15. Never Give Up (Brat Pack)
16. I Want It To Be Real (John Rocca)
17. Let's Get Jazzy (Flight)
18. Come Fly With Me (DJ Pierre)
19. Chimes (Orbital)
20. What You Need (Soft House)
21. Tell Me When (Electribe 101)
22. Black Betty (Ram Jam)


Thanks to David for the padded envelope of mixed tapes! And extra special thanks to Silverlake's own, Monica! Pink bikes 4ever!

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