Friday, April 11, 2008

Mixed Tape Friday Night! More Maximum RockNRoll!

Following the critical and popular raves for the initial Maximum RockNRoll Radio Mixed Tape, this week we present another classic from the airwaves of 1982.

Highlights include a track from the Los Angeles powerpop psychedelic punk band Redd Kross - a mismatch of styles that could only make sense on the Sunset Strip. If you haven't heard Redd Kross covering the KISS' "Deuce," do yourself a big favor and go find it right now. And, in fact, if you do find it, let me know because my copy of Teen Babes from Monsanto has been missing for 10 years.

Other choice punk tracks from JFA (Jodie Foster's Army - best punk band name ever?), Youth Brigade, the classic Love song "7 and 7 Is" and a surprisingly nutso song by UK's Disruptors.


Maximum RockNRoll Radio
August 24, 1982

1. Bad Posture- Gettin Tough
2. Youth Brigade- Fight To Unite
3. Agression- Rat Race
4. Redd Kross- Rich Brat
5. The Disruptors- Shelters for the Rich
6. The Ejected- Mayhem
7. Unknown-Unknown
8. One Way System- Give Us A Future
9. Latent Buzzards- 19 and Mad!
10. The Leftovers- Only Panic
11. The Lurkers- Shadow
12. The Liars- Sudden Fun
13. The Mutants- Something
14. Middle Class Angst- Home is Where
15. Hundred Flowers- Dyslexia
16. Chron-Gen- Puppets of War
17. Anti-Palsy- One of Us
18. Godhead- New Lottery
19. The Bollocks- All Rock Stars Should Be Drafter
20. King Kurt- Zulu Bee
21. Meteors- Mutant Rock
22. Gangrene- Selfish
23. Groinoids- Empty Skull
24. Agent Orange- Breakdown
25. The Scream- Government Primer
26. Agent 86- Track Unknown
27. Late Teens- Policies
28. SS D-Control- Do You Ever Care
29. Negative FX- Veterans of Foreign Wars
30. Void- Ignorant People
31. Really Red- Unknown Track
32. Culture Side- Unknown Track
33. JFA (Jodie Foster's Army)- Preppie
34. The Leaves- Hey Joe
35. The Lyrics- Say What?
36. Love- 7 and 7 is
37. Lime and Sibelli- Follow Me
38. The Litter- Action Woman
39. Arsenal- Incest
40. The Pleebs- Corporate War

Thanks Ty!
Special thanks to Paul at Maximum Rock N Roll Radio! MRR is hella old! Link

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