Friday, April 04, 2008

Mixed Tape Friday Night! Potluck 6! Best yet?

Found at a garage sale amongst a cardboard box of Laura Branigan and Level 42 cassette tapes, Potluck 6 is arguably the most enjoyable tape to date. Sure, it doesn't include a single Madam X track but, for pure listening enjoyment, Potluck 6 is tops.

Though it veers a bit into "too sensitive for my dorm room" material, you will remember why you fell for Kristen Hersh in the first place. The almost unbearable earnestness of Billy Bragg is excused as it is immediately followed with ZZ Top. And Echo and the Bunnymen? Forget about it! Underrated and almost perfect, God bless Echo and the Bunnymen!

Side 1
Echo and the Bunnymen - Gone Gone Gone
Echo and the Bunnymen - Enlighten Me
Echo and the Bunnymen - Cut and Dried
Echo and the Bunnymen - King of Your Castle
Tom Petty - All or Nothin
Tom Petty - Too Good to Be True
Elvis Costello - Heathen Town
Elvis Costello - American without Tears
Elvis Costello - Withered and Died
XTC - Mermaid Smiled
XTC - Thanks for Christmas
XTC - Another Satellite
Black Crowes - Twice as Hard
Black Crowes - Jealous Again

Side 2
Golden Palominos - Alive and Living Now
Golden Palominos - A Sigh
Crowded House - All I Ask
Crowded House - Fall at your Feet
Crowded House - Weather with You
Crowded House - Four Seasons in One Day
Throwing Muses - Dizzy
Billy Bragg - Moving the Goalposts
Billy Bragg - Tank Park Salute
ZZ Top - Penthouse Eyes
ZZ Top - My Heads in Mississippi
ZZ Top - Give it Up
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - Surfin' USM
Tom Waits - Heart of Saturday Night
Tom Waits - Martha


Back side of the inlay card is a dead ringer for a Morrissey release

Upcoming Tapes
Big thanks to Captured Shadow for sending in the Louisiana hillbilly mixed tape and David for the perfect 1990 acid house tapes - look for those in future additions! And Tania is sending a tape that will cause widespread flip outs. Collectively, we will be throwing ourselves on the floor and gripping our bellies in waves of ceaseless laughter.

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