Monday, April 07, 2008

Mystery Tool Monday!

At first blush, I thought this was clearly a tire tool for removing Schrader air valves and preparing holes to be plugged but now I am not so sure. Four tools in one - a screw extractor, a tap, a many pointed socket and a many pointed socket with cutaway. There are no brands/markings to assist with identification. What is it?

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Last week, our mystery tool was from Paul in Nelson, BC:
I live in a 100 year old farm house and I dug up an old piece of machinery in my backyard that I was wondering if you could identify.

Note the words written on the handle in the attached photos. It says "45 turns per min." I can't help but imagine how difficult it would be to time the handle cranking at 45 turns per minute.
From Ian, who owns a cream separator:
Mystery item looks an awful lot like a cream separator. Missing the large stainless bucket that you pour the milk into.

45 turns per minute seems about right, The one that I salvaged from a road side had a Bell that would ring (or stop ringing) once the correct rpms were reached.
From Austin, who agrees that it is a cream separator:
I've seen a number of versions of these things, usually used as planters. Link, Link
From Rob, longtime Hooptyrider:
I'm going to guess that it's part of a cream separator, based on where it was found, and the cranking speed. The base looks a lot like this one: Link
Thanks everybody! Ladies and gentlemen, do not get me wrong as I do enjoy writing for D+R, but I sure would like to be turning the crank and separating cream right now.

About Mystery Tool Monday
Each Monday, D+R will present a new mystery tool for identification. It may be from our collection or may be an item that has puzzled a D+R reader but, whatever the case, discovering its mysterious use will be as thrilling as a Mickey Spillane dimestore paperback.

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