Friday, April 18, 2008

Then and Now #4: Coffee Table Makeover

I was determined to find something that's better now than it was then. I finally did, but I kind of cheated, because it was improved by an individual, not a brand manager. This coffee table was ugly as soon as it left the factory floor, and it didn't age well. But Zee of Homebug turned it into a thing of beauty.

The coffee table itself is a wreck I got free on Jumbletown, but it was perfect for what I had in mind. I took my inspiration from the €1,600 Gio Ponti-designed "Paolo" console table and Marimekko's Vapaa Pudotus fabric. For the most part I was able to use paints and supplies I already had, so the total cost for this project was a scandalously cheap €13. Check back tomorrow for the full "How to" instructions!

SCORE Then: 3 Now: 9.5

Modern coffee table makeover
(via CRAFT)
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