Monday, May 12, 2008

Flashlight Museum

Stuart Scheider is serious about flashlights. In the introduction to his spectacular online flashlight museum, he writes, "I have acted as an expert witness in 6 flashlight litigation matters. As an attorney and flashlight historian, I have been instrumental in defending and prosecuting cases involving flashlight patents and claims. I am available as an expert witness through my law office number."

Allbright 2 "AA" cell lights made about 1936. It did not take long for the flashlight companies to discover that the flashlight was more than a toolbox item. Starting about 1925 the country was introduced to the the Art Deco style. Everything that was mechanical was now being decorated in an Art Deco style. Chief among the flashlights were the lights made to go in a lady's purse or gentleman's pocket. Many have held up in surprisingly good condition due to their limited use.

Flashlight Museum (Via Little Hokum Rag)