Saturday, May 03, 2008

Free Cadillac Mug with Purchase of New Car

The case could be made that this garage sale found "Have a Happy Day... Cadillac Style" mug is nothing but a cheap piece of swag that denigrates the monumental purchase of a new Caddy. When I bought a new car, all I got was a survey to rate everything from the cleanliness of the washroom to the efficacy of the credit department. Ostensibly, my agreeing to the task of filling out the survey would create a better customer experience for the next buyer, but it just felt like I was being asked to do some work.

Comparitively, if I had received a mug emblazoned with my name, I would have been sure to mention that on the comment card but big companies end up taking themselves way too seriously. If the manufacturers can't lighten up, then the dealers should rock it Cadillac Style.