Saturday, May 03, 2008

Grid Beam Building System

The Grid Beam Users Group came to Maker Faire in San Mateo.

From the website:

Grid Beam is a reusable structural system that allows you to dream-up and build complex projects faster than any other construction technology that you or I have ever seen!

As designers, we all strive to build products that will be relevant 50 years from now. But, since none of us knows what that future will really look like, design flexibility and reusability is essential. You might think of Grid beam as a structural glue that allows us to mix, match and mate different technologies together in new ways. This means that all of the components and custom parts that we make, or purchase and use together, share the same hole spacing as the Grid beam. This creates maximum parts interchangeability and design flexibility.

Since our design group of Gridbeamers began adopting gridbeam building techniques in 1976 from Ken Isaacs book, How to build your own living Structures, we have found that it has dramatically improved our prototyping capabilities. Gridbeamers can take on more challenging ideas with less hesitation. Because now, goofy ideas and "mis-builds" can now be completely disassembled and reused on your newest brainstorm!

We all know that talk is cheap and that ideas are a dime a dozen. How do you separate good from bad ideas? How do you test your idea? How do you actualize your dream?

Only by building it!

A working prototype is proof of clear thinking, or not. After all, nothing beats a real working prototype that you can actually test.