Friday, May 30, 2008

J. Morgan Puett - Living Art at Mildred's Lane

Photograph by Phil Mansfield for The New York Times

Nest Magazine taught us that intensely personal interior design was indistinguishable from art. Yesterday, there was an interesting piece from New York Times about Ms. Puett living an extreme homemaking lifestyle in rural Pennsylvania.

According to Ms. Puett, who is now 51, her signature style was never a simple matter of longing for the past. “It’s not about nostalgia or re-enacting,” she said. “I believe that all of these time periods and histories are pressing in on us at once,” contributing to the complexity of our present and future experience.

“What I’m really interested in is the future and what it looks like,” she said, and “in inventing a future through history and material culture and art.” Above all, she believes in creating and inhabiting environments, including domestic ones, with the same degree of care and engagement that artists typically bring to their studio practice.

I understand the dedication to purpose that Ms. Puett espouses as my personal workshop is grand in scope, exquisite in detail and changes profoundly on a daily basis as it becomes the place of my dreams. My workshop is most my inspired - and inspiring - lifelong project. Ultimately, these places generate better work and more engaged individuals.

Photograph by Phil Mansfield for The New York Times

J. Morgan Puett Homestead NY Times Article

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