Friday, May 16, 2008

The Museum of Love and Mystery by Jim Woodring

Jim Woodring is one of the finest artists alive today. He has a new book, called The Museum of Love and Mystery, and you can buy a signed copy for $25 postpaid.
We have received advance copies of THE MUSEUM OF LOVE AND MYSTERY, a souvenir picture album from Frank's strange vacation in the hinterlands of The Unifactor, and we believe she is a lulu. From the soul-satisfying symbolism of the Dark Ride to the majestic encounter in the Throne Room, this garden of unearthly delights is a place adventurous readers of all ages will want to visit and, eventually, move to.

The book proper is a tidy brick of well-modulated chroma; 12 gorgeously colored pen-and-ink drawings packed into 24 super-thick cardboard pages, specially engineered to lay flat for optimum viewing pleasure.

This book will be distributed by Diamond and made available in better comic book stores for $16.95; but if you want to you can buy one from me, signed on the cover in luminous ink (to go with the luminous Sanskrit title) for $25 postpaid anywhere in the USA; overseas, $30. You can order it from me via PayPal; jimwoodring(at) is the account handle.

And lovers of heavy vinyl take note: the book comes with a coupon explaining how to attain the new lifesize Pupshaw and Pushpaw figures... also from your genial pals at Presspop.

Museum of Love and Mystery