Monday, May 19, 2008

Northridge Ice Cream

It's only mid-May but, here in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley, the temperature was 105 degrees on Sunday. Hot weather makes my kids very happy because hot weather means popsicles and, fortunately, we live near the popsicle kingdom of Southern California -- Northridge Ice Cream and Mexican Candy.

Catering to ice cream truck operators and pushcart vendors, Northridge Ice Cream is also open to the public, as evinced by the sign pictured above (partially obscured by a tree branch).

The colorful piƱatas hanging from the rafters add to the happy atmosphere inside.
The parking lot has a lot of ice cream trucks parked there. The hand-painted signs on this truck make it clear that the operator has gained hard-won knowledge by selling ice cream in tough neighborhoods.

Don't miss the video.