Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NorWesCo Steel Watering Can

I bought a cheap plastic watering can last year. It's made from two pieces of plastic, a top half and a bottom half, which are glued together. The glue is no good, and the can developed a leak. This cheap can threatened to detract from the fun of gardening. I'm sorry that I bought the cheap can in an effort to save money. Not only does it leak, it is ugly. I vowed never to buy a crappy watering can again.

The folks at Green Thumb Nursery in Canoga Park, Calif. recommended this galvanized steel watering can from NorWesCo. At $31.99, it was their most expensive watering can, but it is something I will use every day, and it is one handsome watering can, don't you think? I can't think of a better way to spend thirty bucks.

I bought the 6-quart model, but Amazon has a 12-quart NorWesCo steel watering can for $35.