Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stylish Ear Protection from Pan Am

It's sort of a shame to only use this super-chic noise-suppression headset around the garage, but I'm confident that I'll eventually find some excuse to wear 'em out-and-about in public. And when I do... hoo-boy! I'll be quite the fashionista.

In any event, the headset is made by Peltor, a Swedish company that's a leading manufacturer of noise-protection gear. This particular pair was (obviously) made for Pan Am, and while I'm not precisely sure of the vintage, I'd guess they're from the 1980s. I found them for sale on eBay (where there's an entire category devoted to vintage Pan Am stuff), and I couldn't resist. $10! Cheap!

I've been a rabid collector of functional airline memorabilia for about a decade, and I'll reveal more about the sordid depths of that fetish in the days ahead. Suffice to say, there is indeed such a thing as an an airline collectibles subculture, and if you think that comic book conventions are nerdy, well, then you've clearly never been to an airline memorabilia swap meet.