Thursday, May 22, 2008

The World's Best Soap Dish (Isn't a Soap Dish at All)

A few years ago my wife and I renovated our home. Actually, that's a bit of an understatement... we basically gutted our house, turning it into a hollowed-out shell before we began the long process of putting it all back together. Our contractors did most of the construction, but my wife and I were in charge of procurement and sourcing -- finding and purchasing the materials needed to make the house livable again.

We found inspiration in some unusual places, but perhaps the oddest of all was AW Direct, a mail order catalog that sells parts and equipment for tow trucks. While browsing through the catalog one day, I noticed that AW Direct offers a recessed aluminum step designed for use on service vehicle bodies. But when I looked at it, I saw something different: a soap dish!

We bought one and installed it in the shower I now use daily. So today I'm here to tell you: This is by far the best-designed soap dish I've ever used. The open front allows water to drain away easily, while the diamond-plate surface secures and elevates the soap so that it dries without creating a lot of yucky soap-gunk. And of course, the aluminum doesn't rust or corrode.

We ended up buying quite a bit from the AW Direct catalog for use in our house, and I heartily recommend it if your domestic tastes gravitate toward the functional/industrial. In the home or on the highway (or vice-versa)... AW Direct delivers!

CP50 Recessed Aluminum Step ($34.99 from AW Direct)