Thursday, June 05, 2008

Building a Chicken Coop, Part 4

(This is part 4 of a multi-part epic about re-building a chicken coop. Read Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3.)

At this stage, my chicken coop has been cleaned out, given a new door, and topped with a tin roof. The next step is to give it some siding.

As I mentioned, the previous owner kept rabbits in this shack and, for some reason, he ran chicken wire from floor to ceiling on one side. This allowed a lot of dust and leaves to blow in. I don't understand why he made it that way. His rabbits must have been dirty and miserable. I want clean, happy chickens so I decided to install siding.

My first thought was to go to Home Depot and pick up some plywood but, as Mister Jalopy once told me, as soon as you cross your property line, the day is pretty much shot. Remembering this sage advice, I opted to use whatever scraps of wood I had lying around the yard. I found a nice solid piece of plywood I'd kept from last summer when we built a new bedroom. That took care of the first vertical foot or so of siding. What would I use for the next couple of feet?

It flashed on me to use the fence slats from the gate I'd taken down a few days earlier. The wood was weathered and gray, but it rot-free and straight. I used a trash can in lieu of a workbench, pulled out the jigsaw and cut the slats to length:

To fasten the plywood and slats to the shack's framing, I used coated drywall fasteners, which are guaranteed not to rust. I prefer screws to nails because I don't like the loud noise a hammer makes. Plus, it's more fun to use an electric driver to drill the screws in.

Here's one side completed:

And here it is, with the siding almost completely finished:

Next, I'll paint the coop, then I'll install the wire screening.