Monday, June 30, 2008

Buy the White Tower Burger Joint for $1

As each of us have considered our architectural ideals, I have long wondered if the ideal housing solution would not be a cavernous house with the bowling alleys and the trap doors of my doodling youth but, rather, a village of small buildings arrayed over a pasture. Covered walkways and vacuum tubes would interconnect.

If you have bottomless pockets, endless ambition, a proximity to Toledo, Ohio and a will of cast iron, you can buy the White Tower burger joint for $1 and establish your village with this exquisite porcelain enameled steel kitchen and dining pavilion. Though compact as a restaurant, as a personal kitchen and dining room, I believe it would offer generous space for burger flipping and cherry coke mixing.

Considering the steel cladding is but a facade on a brick building, I suspect the complexity and ultimate cost of acquisition would be epic. Perhaps a slight exaggeration but, once in the project, the costs might seem infinite in scope.

Mister Jalopy's Architectural Ideal, White Tower Burger for $1

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