Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Closet Stuffed with Alice and Martin Provensen Illustrations

Previously, I posted about the high quality of Golden Books' endearing illustrations, which prompted D+R reader JoeyB to share a terrific story of Alice Provensen's packed closet of illustrations:

The Golden Books post reminded me of a story about Alice Provensen. I used to work for a gallery that represented children's book illustration and one of our UK clients inquired about Martin and Alice Provensen illustration for Golden Books. I tracked her down through several contacts and arranged a meeting between Alice and the gallery owner. He went down to visit her and told her he had a client interested in some of her and Martin's illustrations. She proceeded to open up a closet with the original artwork stacked in piles three feet high. She had no idea people might actually want to buy the old work.

I only wish we could have found some early drawings of Tony the Tiger.
Images from R. Michealson Gallery
(Thanks, Joe!)

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