Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dinosaurs and Robots Mailbag


Dear Dinosaur or Robot,

With that reflective tin roof you may have an unforseen future problem — a big reflective hit that hits another house’s windows.

It happened to me. A cranky lady up the hill went apeshit when an addition’s tin roof whacked her deck doors at 2:50 pm every day. I ignored her but had to sneak around her while shopping at ralphs.

Your pal,


Dear Hudson,

Thanks for the tip. It does kick off a mighty reflection. Fortunately, our neighbors are far away. But the black helicopters that float above our house all day are apt to be annoyed.

* * *

Dear Dinosaur or Robot,

I am enjoying reading your entries about the chicken coop, I am curious how chickens next door will affect your neighbors.

I am an artist by trade and in my learning years I had an instructor tell me once about a chicken coop they built for themselves. They decided to paint it red and found out that in fact red is the best color for such a construction.

I thought I’d look for info to send you on this but the closest I could find in my short search was this:

Turns out that when a chicken bleeds, other chickens in the flock peck at it obsessively. If left unchecked, a flock can be depleted rather quickly as the chickens go at each other. A company* that markets red contact lenses for chickens (at 20 cents a pair), points to medical studies showing that chickens wearing red-tinted contact lenses behave differently from birds that don’t. They eat less, produce more and don’t fight as much. This decreases aggressive tendencies and birds are less likely to peck at each other causing injury.

I’d think a much more practical solution is to just paint the structure red.

I look forward to your continued adventure.

Your pal,


Dear Joe,

Thanks for the tip. I might paint it red, as our house is red and it would match.

We live in a zone approved for farm animals. People have horses, roosters, pigs, goats, and donkeys here. They are warned not to move here if animal sounds and smells annoy them.

* * *

Dear Dinosaur or Robot,

I read your link about Cartoon Colour. I too use their paint. I was recently recommended a paint company called Nova Color.

I’ve been using their paint for the past 2 weeks and they are awesome. The consistency is like Cartoon Colour and flows like butter. There is a polymer ingredient in the paint that gives the color a powerful pop and shine… If Cartoon Colour was to go out of business, Nova color would definitely save the day.

Your pal,


Dear Steven,

Thanks for the tip. I’m going to give them a try!

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