Monday, June 09, 2008

Garage Sale Report: May 31, 2008

Built under license from England's Birmingham Small Arms, this Indian bicycle was originally sold by the The Raja Cycle and Motorworks of Bangalore. Though this hulking menace is reminiscent of English bikes, it is differentiated from the more sedate British brethren as it has tarted up, luxurious (and heavy) appointments that would only make sense to a Raja.

Though the bicycle is huge, the grips are diminutive.

Perhaps my favorite feature - the original mud flaps made from
truck inner tubes, with the silk screened Raja advertisement.

The long sprung seat creates an extremely cushy ride as all potholes are easily absorbed.

Original integrated rear lock matches the locking front fork to dissuade casual thieves.

A perfectly protected Brooks saddle sits under the perfect condition avocado green vinyl seat cover. Given the recycled truck tube mud flaps, I would not be surprised if it was skinned from a 1970's dentist office couch.

Birmingham Small Arms, a long way from Birmingham.

The brakes are controlled by rods, the springer forks are capped with a
sinister-looking spike, and the headlight is fitted with an ice blue lens.

As a used bicycle retailer, I love how this noble machine is loaded with advertising ideas.