Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How the Military Fights Bureaucracy?

Looking more closely at the Nike missile launch control panel I posted about earlier today, I noticed something veeeeery innnnnteresting about it.

Check out the red, shielded switch above the red Fire switch:

Two questions:

1) What the heck was that for?


2) How can I get an "MBA Override" for use in my meetings?

Nike Missile site Launch control panel (eBay Listing)

UPDATE: Still no help with 2), but regarding the original purpose of the "MBA Override" switch, the seller of this control panel explains:
The MBA override switch was the minimum burst altitude override control.

Since the Nike missile used a nuclear warhead to blow up incoming Russian bombers, they had to have a minimum burst altitude setting so that the blast wouldn't fry the city bellow. But in a really dire situation the MBA override switch gave the option to use the nuke at a unsafe low altitude, the thinking being it is better to jack up the city below with a Nike low kiloton yield atomic bomb, and take out the bombers to prevent them from dropping their multi megaton hydrogen bombs with far greater damage.

VERY scary logic......
So there you go. Not the kind of stuff your typical MBA is likely to learn at Wharton or Kellogg.