Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pierrot, Mickey and Felix

See Pierrot hit.

See Pierrot kick.
See the emotionally confused Pierrot attempt to resuscitate his best friend, who is just now clinging to the edge of mortality. Can you rescue your best friend?
Our landlord left shelves of pristine old books for us to browse through. "Pierrot Sportif", circa 1930s, is among them. As great as the illustrations are, Pierrot isn't really the star of the show; Mickey is! While flipping through the book, I discovered this old advertisement, neatly tucked between the pages. It reads, "The Little Parisian publishes the Illustrated Adventures of Mickey, to bring joy to children and grown ups." I'm guessing the advertisement shipped inside Pierrot Sportif from the publisher, and has been there ever since:
Felix the Cat is on the other side: