Friday, June 20, 2008

Weegee's New York - 10 1/2 Million People Lived Together in a State of Total Loneliness

Should any doubt remain that the New York Times is the finest newspaper in the land, check out the fantastic online gizmos that accompany today's Weegee article. A slide show of photos, an interactive map with audio tour, a video with Weegee narrating, links to previous articles on Weegee, a podcast to download as a self-guided walking tour and a Weegee primer with a reading list, a list of movies to watch and a couple of restaurants that figure into the story.

For all the hand wringing over the future of newspapers, the New York Times is doing something about it by exploiting the power of information depth and dynamic media in ways that a paper newspaper can't.

Weegee in NY Times

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