Monday, June 02, 2008

YSL Shoes

Being anything but a clothes horse, I don't drool over shoes, and am hard pressed to spend more than $30 on any single item of clothing. But with the news of Yves Saint Laurent's recent passing, I had to share one of my rare investments in expensive attire. One day in New York a few years back, I was inspired to part with (I have to take a breath here): $500 to acquire a pair of the most perfectly beautiful black leather, mary-jane heels from Yves Saint Laurent. Their perfection lies in the lines, the craftsmanship, the comfort, the chunky heel, the not-too-round toe, the lack of superfluous adornment (there's a tiny brass buckle on the other side) and the surreptitious way they dominate my foot into near tip-toe position. Normally, I don't care about this stuff. But, I've worn them many times and will have them for the rest of my life. I was moved by his beautiful and brilliant quote:

Saint Laurent had told reporters he had "always given the highest importance of all to respect for this craft, which is not exactly an art, but which needs an artist to exist."