Monday, July 14, 2008

9 Year Old Birthday Party Stash Bags

What if your 9 year old daughter came home with a feathered roach clip in her hair, a leather wrist band and an Ultrasuede stash bag? Would you think she accidentally joined Fleetwood Mac? Nope! She just went to the Cruz family's 9 year old daughter's birthday party!

My daughter’s 9th birthday was held at the local roller rink today (70s theme, natch) and my wife refuses to go the party store route for goodie bag favors.

For the girls: ultra-suede bags, tri-feathered roach clip (hair accessory, come on now) and a custom leather ID bracelet. Try kerning that type with a hammer and tap. Ugh. That crazy Tuscan leathersmith type is pretty cool though, huh?

Boys get everything but the feathers. With a name like “Noah”, you knoah he’s gonna be holdin’.

If done half ass, it would have been worth a snicker. Perfectly executed it becomes a classic.

Stash Bags