Thursday, July 31, 2008

Casey Brown's Copper Clad Shackitecture

Australian Institute of Architects award winner Casey Brown has illustrated a key design shackitecture ideal by eliminating small footprint claustrophobia by replacing walls with glass. I imagine this tiny space feels as big as nature. Of course, with glass walls, there is a serious interior layout issue as there is only one wall to put anything up against. Gaining all of nature is a worthy compromise.

Particularly appealing is the turtle aspect of a home that retreats inside its own fortress.

If you click the above photo, you can get a close-up of the inspiration for the outback fort. The copper cladding will patina (right, center) to a lovely green. With copper approaching $4 a pound, this little charmer would be stripped of the protective husk within hours if it was built in my neighborhood.

Via Dwell and Materialicous (Thanks, Ethan!)