Thursday, July 31, 2008

Childcraft How & Why book icons

Daniel Carter, creative director of Make and Craft, alerted me to this Flickr gallery that designer Aaron Draplin scanned from the Childcraft How & Why library.

A couple years back, Matt Kass and I were at The Bins here in Portland, digging through waves of Goodwill donations, searching for treasures. I came across this one old Childcraft encyclopedia book with the most amazing gold foil illustration of a factory on the cover. I knew right then and there that one was coming home with me. A couple minutes later, I find another book from the series, and another, and another, until I've got a stack of 14 of the things. I had 14 of the 15 in the set. So good.

I've had them on the shelves since the transaction and always swore I'd get these amazing icons out into the world. So here you go. Enjoy.