Monday, July 07, 2008

House Industries Casting Heavy Metal Ampersands

So, you dig House Industries Studio Lettering typeface and have a really heavy door that needs to be propped open?

This fine typographical sculpture harkens back to the days when hauling out a job case of 48 point Cloister meant lifting with your knees (not your back) or calling in that strapping young typesetting apprentice. The sheer weight of this typographical legend will anchor any designer's creative energy or at least become an integral part of the studio fitness program.

Each piece is individually sand-cast in solid iron, weathered carefully and lacquered. All sculptures and hand-selected and numbered, so the appearance of your ampersand will vary.

Made in the USA.
Weathered carefully? Ha! That is code for Andy and Rich flipping the ampersands over in the backyard throughout the summer. No matter, I love 'em.

House Industries Heavy Metal Castings

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