Friday, July 11, 2008

Pacemaker - Handheld DJ

The Pacemaker hand held DJ is easy to covet but difficult to describe. All the key DJ tricks for beat mixing are packed into one gadget with a robust PC/Mac editing application for finishing up your set list.

Mixing functionality

  • Dynamic beat detection – 0.1 BPM precision
  • Cue – auto-cue at track start, and set cue point.
  • Change Pitch – alter speed and key of track ± 100%
  • Bend pitch – momentarily alter speed of track.
  • Crossfade – set the line out and/or phones blend
    of the two channels.
  • Loop – set loop, split loop from end-point, split loop from
    in-point, exit loop, re-enter loop
  • Audio effects – single parameter: hi-cut/lo-cut, two-parameter: roll, echo, reverb
  • Kill All – reset and relaunch audio effects.
  • EQ – 3-band equalizer; treble, mid and bass frequencies
    -26 to +6 dB
  • Normalized sound – globally normalize all tracks’ volumes
  • Gain – pre-amplification volume -26 to +6 dB
  • Reverse play
Full geeked out specs

Pacemaker has done an admirable job of engaging with the community of amateur Pacemaker DJs by providing a library of user-created mixes. In addition to track listings, it also shows which Pacemaker functionality was used to create the set list.

At over $800, Pacemaker has a considerable challenge in selling these pricey toys. To find their market, they offer the feature rich PC/Mac editor version as a free download. That is some chunk of software. Just look at the size of the faux box required to hold all those features!

As an unabashed fan of big, trashy house music, the mix archive immediately proved to be a treasure trove of the exact sort of club anthem house that gets me motivated to perform rental car acrobatics. I recommend db licious "Sexy House".

Pacemaker Portable DJ