Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ronson Lighter Service Center - In a Box

Imagine how proud you would be to receive the Ronson Repair-A-Lite system in the mail one day. Perhaps it would be a secondary vocation, with a single line in the city directory and a small sign at the curb of your home. Or maybe an additional service to add to your existing fix-it shop. Or, as a Ronson retailer, perhaps you decide to service what you sell.

Whatever the case, one day you are a Ronson user, while the next you a full service center.

My favorite feature of the service center is the designated box for spare parts. With great clarity, I can picture myself parting out lighters and saving the good stuff for future repairs. Not only does the entire repair center fit in a desk drawer, but the junk yard does as well.

Repair-A-Lite System 1000 on eBay