Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Silca Bicycle Pump

New seals for my Silca bicycle pump

Buy your first to be your last.

This is my new policy on purchases. Rather than own ten bicycle pumps over the course of my lifetime, I would like to buy just one that will last for generations. Beyond quality of manufacture, these practical heirlooms must be well engineered, serviceable platforms that allow replacement of consumables and broken parts. Recognizing that even the best products break, we should be as concerned about ability to repair as longevity.

Rather than research, I purchased my Silca bicycle pump based on hope. Despite the fact that this exquisite orange pump did not work, I was hopeful that I would be able to buy replacement parts. It turns out that Italy-based Silca has been in business since 1917, has a great website, super distributor network, PDF manuals, a beautiful circa 1960's online catalog and, most importantly, supports their products through the sale of replacement parts.

Silca Pompe