Friday, August 15, 2008

Coleman Stove and Lantern Geeked-Out Repair Shop

From the Old Town Yucca Virtual Museum,
I was able to ID my recent stove find as a Model 502

Following my post about the compact camp kitchen, D+R reader Dave sent an invaluable link to the exhaustive Coleman lantern and stove parts and repair center, Old Town Yucca.

The Coleman stoves and lanterns represent an extremely serviceable platform. Besides availability of every part, Coleman engineered their equipment to be troubleshot and repaired by average campers that were desperate to cook their dinner in Yellowstone. With comprehensive documentation, available parts and opportunities for customization, Coleman represents the very ideal of the Maker's Bill of Rights. No wonder they inspire collectors 70 years later.

Old Town Yucca Coleman Virtual Museum, Parts Center and Repair Shop (Thanks, Dave!)